What is MusicSwift?

MusicSwift, a software service, is a fast and easy way to browse, contact and hire (book) music professionals and services for your music events.

Are you a bandleader in need of a violinist? The MusicSwift platform is available for your search.

Perhaps your are looking for a pianist to perform at a special anniversary event. Use MusicSwift to locate and book that talent!

Mr. or Ms. music producer, are you looking for a song writer? Use MusicSwift to help you find one.

MusicSwift can:

  • Filter opportunities that match specific skill or experience requirements
  • Assist in highlighting and building brands
  • Potentially assist in cultivating beneficial business relationships

We want MusicSwift to become the "go to" platform for music professionals and others searching for musical talent.

How MusicSwift Works

MusicSwift is a membership based service. Music professionals, event planners and others can choose the membership option during registration. Only members can access and use certain MusicSwift features. Also there are no contracts, no bidding for jobs based on credit, and no percentages taken from booked gigs (jobs)!

You can complete a profile identifying credentials (such as education, specific organization affiliations or memberships), skills, previous events and experiences, and so on. MusicSwift filters opportunities specifically geared towards the experience and skills of a music professional and supplies gigs (jobs) to their profile. MusicSwift's Swift connect feature uses a selection process that chooses profiles that fit the criteria identified for a certain event. This makes the process of searching for music professionals easier and more efficient.

You can complete the registration process. As part of the registration process, you may choose to register as a MusicSwift member. Only MusicSwift members can use the Swift Connection feature. The Swift Connection feature allows music professionals, event planners and others to connect with, book gigs, and hire other music professionals or others. It is also possible to get leads, send quotes and collect payments.

Music professionals, event planners, and others who decide not to become members can only browse our platform and view our various features.

MusicSwift members are provided a calendar feature for tracking events or gigs as they are booked or completed. Members can verify dates and the status of events in real time. Various views are also available. Full month or weekly views are possible thus making organizing information and events simpler and easier.

The My Journey feature is provided for those who would like to post information related to completed events or gigs. Or they can use it as a way to chronicle a musical journey. This feature will be available soon.

Our Fan Favorites feature will be available soon.

About MusicSwift

MusicSwift is the creation of the Long brothers, Cedric and Chris, who share a love for music. One has a passion for writing songs! And the other has a love of producing music! Both have been fortunate in meeting and interacting with numerous individuals many in the music industry.

After numerous conversations with many of these and other individuals, there seemed to be a recurring theme. "It is difficult to find the talent I need for this event. Or I need an easier way to book my events and keep track of them. Or I do not need to use a contract for every event or gig. How can I find someone to perform at my son's or daughter's high school graduation celebration? Where can I find an easy to use platform that will help me locate and book musical talent for events?"

Cedric and Chris have an answer, MusicSwift!

Our Story

Music Swift was birthed by Cedric and Christopher Long two brothers who share a love for music. One with a passion for song writing and the other with a love for producing music. The Long brothers along with our developing partners Epikcreated a medium that connects music professionals and individuals looking to book talent for their event.


Music swift creates intimate relationships and streamlines the process connecting music professionals with individuals requesting talent.


With our many features we match professionals with the perfect event and cultivate relationships that last even after gig is over through features like my journey and fan features.

Our mission

We want to be the number one music platform for music professionals and individuals searching for talent.

Meet Our Team

Christopher Long

Graduated from Georgia State University in Atlanta, with a degree in finance. Currently a registered stock broker with E*TRADE financial. Along with finance, Christopher has a life time love for music and producing music.


Christopher Long

Cedric Long

A senior currently enrolled at Georgia State University studying Political Science. Cedric also shares love for music and is a songwriter.


Cedric Long