Swift Connect

We will connect you with the best Event Services for your event: weddings, birthday parties, kids’ parties, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, and more. Swift connect utilizes a tagging system that brings every professional’s resume that fits the criteria the user selects for their event. It makes the process of searching for Professionals easier and more efficient.

My Journey

A story feature that consists of every type of media (photos, videos, audio, etc..) that illustrates an artist’s musical journey. It is customizable for every professional to express their story.


Upload ads to promote your musical events. Music Swift Promotions allow Professionals to see how many views your ad has received as well as how many people are interested and sharing.

Fan Feature

Follow your favorite talent and keep up with their every move. Professionals can keep in contact with their followers directly, sharing news about upcoming events, latest post, merchandise, and music.

Two Way Rating

No more one-way rating system. Professionals can rate their experience with one another in our two-way rating system.

CD Ranking

The more gigs you book through our site the higher your rank.

Calendar Feature

Keep track of events you booked and their statuses with our automated calendar feature. Never lose track of your event schedule again. Users can view your public events and see what days you are available.

Round Table

With our monthly roundtable feature we want to hear directly from you. What do you like about the site, what can change. What feature would you like added or modified. Whether critique or praise we want to “hear from you”.